CEO's Baby Mama


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Alisha Sabastian, a graduate who has been job hunting faced rejection from almost every company she applied to. One day she got a job in a large firm.

Her friends were excited and they dragged her out to a party, where she got drunk and had sex with a man who she knows nothing about. Losing her virginity and pride to a total stranger.

The next morning she ran away, only to discover that her one-night stand was her boss. The CEO of the company she just gained employment with.

Things got complicated when she found out that she was pregnant for her Ceo who wants nothing to do with relationship or love.

A deal was made for her to remain silent, and when the baby was born, she would hand over every right of the baby to the CEO.

A contract was signed and sealed!

What happens when everything starts crumbling when she discovers she has feelings for the Ceo?

Will she be able to continue with the deal or will she accept the deal and lose her chance of having her love and baby together?


Tags: billionaireone-night standpregnantgoodgirlCEOdramabxgoffice/work placevirgincolleagues to loversStary Writing Academy III
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    “Congratulations Alisha Sabastian, you have been accepted to work in Samtec. You are to arrive at the workplace by 8am tomorrow. We Look forward to working with you.”

  I stared blankly at the computer, I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing or what I was reading out loud. “I must be dreaming,” I said, sl……


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