Hansel & Gretel-The Twin Demon Hunters

Shreya Chakraborty Horror

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Hansel and Gretel are not the usual mortal children. They are twins born to a demon mother making them powerful and immortal. But they dedicate their entire lives to annihilate demons who have destroyed their family and prey on the mortal world.
Welcome to a new world of horror where they encounter creatures and situations like never before, and travel in all the ages and times to save humanity from the demonic clutches of ghosts and other creatures of hell.


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Chapter 19

Gretel looked at the King and said,” I have been asked to clean the artifacts and figurines in both the floors my Lord. So that the guests do not think poorly of or castle or household. I shall get out of here at the moment. I did not know that anyone was going to be here at this time.”

Saying this Gretel started going away from the monarc……