The Shadow Wolf Chronicles: Book One


C.N. McDonald Fantasy

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Diamond Levi is a runaway princess from another world who has been searching for a home when she falls on the city of New Orleans and a rouge wolf pack that needs her help. Putting aside her own personal issues Diamond takes on the pack only to fall pregnant by one of her old lovers. Quickly her life on earth crumbles even after taking the throne of New Orleans and has to go to a far away Kingdom and take the throne in order to protect her and her children from future attacks. But a big twist will either make her crumble or even stronger.


Tags: darktragedybxgsupernatural
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Meet the Pack

Alpha: Adrik Balakin 

Adrik is the largest wolf of the pack as he is alpha. He has black fur and dark gold-amber eyes. He is Ana's father figure and knows the truth of what happened to her father. He helped her learn control and get through her first change. He taught her how to fight. They are very close. He would do anything to prot……