Daughter of fire


Steph Fantasy

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This is a story about a princess that fought not for a happy ending with the prince, but for a good ending of a bad world.

Iris only remembers the pain, as well as the faces of The Mother and The Father looking down at her as she screams. Her powers beg her to release them. But she is too scared to let it out. Because a part of her knows that once she starts, there is no going back.
But when the opportunity to escape appears?
The world outside is really the Paradise she imagined? Or the nightmare is everywhere and it's her fate to end it? At any cost!

The flames are dancing around me as I approach the man who is now begging for mercy. To him this is hell, and it is the first time he deals with it, for me, this is a nightmare I have experienced thousands of times.

This is the point of no return for me, where it is far too late to look over the shoulder, back to the mistakes I have made, and the future I could have had.

Perhaps that's why I'm not afraid of the shock gun piercing my skin.

It's true I don't feel afraid when I realize I'll lose my conscious soon,but horrified, seeing Carol fall with blood on his neck. I cannot help him, I cannot help myself. So terror is the last part of me.

In that darkness, I have my memories. I play them backward untill we were...


No, I can't die. I just found out. I can't die.

Iris, in case we can't get out, I want my last words to be: I love you!

He was right, those were his last words before the alarm broke the silence around us.


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