Seer's daughters

mangi Fantasy

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At the age of 35 Ian had given up on searching for his Mate, and had giving his life for his pack and gave his brother the rains as alpha while he helped as the beta, he refused to mark and mate anyone that was not his mate therefore he couldn't produce a heir to take over as alpha while his brother did. But years later he did but she was pregnant with someone else child

Chloe was born from the secret coven in hidden town called the foreseers. The princess who will take over the throne but there was only one problem, she was born without a gift in her palms like all the foreseers did, when a child was born in their kingdom they had their gifts already written in their left hand, they all knew they can see the future but the gift was specific telling you which future you will be able to see

While others can see weather, some saw success, others trategics, fortunes, and others could tell you about love and nature, but she was born a human with no gift at all and her parents resented her for it, and as soon as she was 16 she left the coven never to come back, it she thought!


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