The Upcoming Donna: Liliana


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“Lili, there is a family I want you to infiltrate. Not as a Princess, but as a maid.” He said, raising a blood-soaked tissue to his mouth. “The Don there cannot know who you are. Do you think you can pull this off?”
“Of course I can, father. I have mother’s techniques if all else fails.” Liliana replied, to which her father sighed. “I know you’re not a fan, but they work well.”
"This world we live in is unfair, Nicolo. You know this." She said with a half-hearted smile. "I can no more chose you than you can me."
It was with these words she hid her identity from him, but he knew the truth. She knew more about his world than she let on, even for a maid from another family, only, he could not prove it. All he knew was the passion she drug out of him with a single glance in his direction, her doe-like brown eyes seducing him with every look. If she was a maid, no one in his family would accept her as Donna, but he had his doubts. Especially considering how unafraid she was of him, even with his title as Don of the Romano Family.
"I will reveal the truth about you, Lili. And when I do, you will become my Donna." He said, grabbing her slim wrist with a firm hand, pulling her body close to his so he could breath in her feisty scent. "And find yourself under me in my bed every night." Nicolo continued, leaning closer to whisper in her ear. "No one will ever satisfy you the way I can."


Tags: spy/agentkickass heroinepowerfulmistressmafiadramabxgsecretscrimelove at the first sight
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She shifted as she sat up, feeling the soft covers under her shift. Liliana opened her eyes to the glaring sun and her hand grasped the butt of her gun under her pillow. Something woke her from her slumber; a sound in the room she did not expect, but a glance around told her nothing was there. This did not ease her tension, and she shifted again……


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