Millenium Flame

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After being separated from his mate, Zafira, in a violent invasion that left her unconscious and him to on the run, Darsan awaits her return for millennia. 1500 years later, having followed traces of her throughout history, he smells a scent he'd thought was lost to him. Zafira. Reincarnated and unaware of their importance to each other.

The gods present us our greatest challenges and Zafira and Darsan are no different. After being kidnapped, and escaping, Darsan thinks the only thing left is take out the one who took Zafira. But it's more complex than that. They're in for the second fight of their lives. Will they be separated again? Or will they be able to stay together through the hard times to come?

Stay tuned, because I'm just getting started.


Tags: RevengeSexReincarnationSecond ChancePregnantKickass HeroineRoyaltyBeastTragedyGirlpowerContest
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Chapter 10

Chapter 10


7 Months Later


            The castle buzzed with a positive hum as attendants and other staff zipped through the hallways, completing tasks to make safe all potentially dangerous areas of the castle. Shortly after the completion of the bondin……