The Black Widow

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Xia is a wealthy, good looking and quiet 24 year old. While abroad He crosses paths with a mysterious but beautiful girl, Sarah. She drives him insane with her wild nature and sarcasm which clashes with his own personality. What happens when he falls for her?? And when her dark past comes into the picture? What does he do when he discovers she is an assassin?


Tags: BillionaireDarkReligionManipulativeBadgirlDramaTragedyTwistedSweetDarkDreame2019
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I'll Be The One To Fix Her

Xia's P.O.V

I looked down trying to avoid eye contact with Sarah who was giving me a stare of amusement.

We had been silent for what seemed like forever.

She broke the silence with laughter.

She cracked and I looked up. She even had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. How offensive. I loved seei……