Hating & Loving Him

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Katie is the daughter of the Sheriff in town, she's the quiet type, and constantly has her nose stuck in a book. She loves her town, plans on staying forever.

Ace Miller is the guy next door, troubled past and a hidden crush on Katie that's lasted years. They're just too different though, after all she loves this town and he can't wait to get out.

The two keep their distances for years until Ace's Father is found dead and Katie's alibi for him only gets him partially free.

Now he's stuck under house arrest in the Sheriffs home for six months. His room is only feet from Katie's, his dream girl.

Will he be able to resist the temptation of Katie, especially when he finds out she's not as innocent as she seems? Six months is a long time to get to know someone, it's also long enough for secrets to unravel and lies to become truths.

The guy who wants to leave, just might have a reason to stay.



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Authors Note:

Hello, I highly recommend you read the message I have to give. This story is one of many I have written, and they do form together so there is an order to each one. In order to get the full experience and background of each character in an ordered fashion, I recommend reading in this order: