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Angela Billionaire

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What happens when destiny plays a wicked game on you and you end up in the arms of a man you have never thought you would meet. Dangerous clouds will come over that happiness, when Alex finds out about the potential threat. His possession becomes the most dangerous thing, which Angela will face. Will she manage to solve the mysteries of business and life and become the most influential lady of New York? This is a story about a woman who is the most attractive and wealthy female billionaire of the US, and despite all circumstances, she keeps a kind heart towards her enemies. Will she finally be rewarded with her true love in those troubled days?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveKarma/DestinySecond ChanceFriends to LoversGentlePowerfulCEOBillionairessTycoonDrama
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Chapter Two ~ Reputation

I sat down in my office chair and took a look at all the beautiful skyscraper which covered New York. I would have never thought that one day I would sit in this chair and deal with all these problems. I never wanted that. Never! Luke was always the one who wanted to lead this company. He was the one studying Estate Management. Not me. I have no……