Hers Always

maya_lara1 Paranormal

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Jade Mason was kidnapped when she was four years old. She was used, abused and tortured for fourteen years by a rogue alpha, so what will she do when she finally escapes?

The answer. She runs.

She runs until she accidentally crashes into the one person she never expected to meet. Her mate.

How will Jade handle finding her long lost family and mate, all at the same time? Not to mention her former captor who wants her back and will do whatever it takes to have her?

Order of series:
1. His Forever
2. Hers Always
3. Theirs

[ I recommend you read the first book before reading this one.]

- Mature sexual content
-Content conta abuse, violence


Tags: sexkidnapforcedmatekickass heroinelunadramabxg
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