Two Princesses, One Throne

Cristine S. Fantasy

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Sorceress. Only one out of thousands is born as a SORCERESS. People call it "gift" if they go on the right path of magic but curse if they go to the dark side of magic. Many centuries ago, a in of sorceress was born; not one out of thousands but o out of thousands. Growing up they were eparable until they reach the age of 300 years old where they met a man who would change their fates. The man was the son of the King but that’s not the problem. The man was mated to one and the other loved him before the fated mates met each other. Jealousy and betrayal lead the other in to destroy her sister’s life thus she seduced the prince and ended up carrying his daughter at the same time the fated mate is carrying his daughter as well. The conflict beeen the led to a huge war; a war where they both lost their lives but that’s not the end of the story because right before they died, they gave birth to their child.
Both born as a princess and both born as a sorceress but only one is the rightful heir to the throne and the rightful ruler of the Kingdom of Magic.


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