The Villainess

Izumi Suiren Fantasy

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Tricia Fox, a fine young lady excelling in both academics and logistics has accomplished several thing in the modern world. She is the inventor of something quite crucial to the modern society.
She is the genius. The prodigy of city A. The city for rich ones with potential and bra. And she is one of them. In fact she is the most intelligent of them all.
But an experiment went awry leading to her death.
But then....
"Huh? Where am I? I'm supposed to be dead right?"
"My Lady!" A girl in a maid's attire suddenly appeared.
"Thank the lord!" Said the maid joining both of her hands in a praying gesture while looking at the heavens.
"What happened?" I asked.
"You were sick and your skin was burning up, My lady! We thought that you would never wake up because you've been sleeping for a week now!" The teary-eyed maid said.
Is this not myself!?
"Bring me a mirror! Hurry!"
The maid worriedly got the mirror and handed it to me.
"My Lady!? Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?" The maid fussed.
Who is this beautiful girl!?
A cute small pointed nose above lips red as blood on a canvas of snow-white skin. A finishing touch of beautiful violet eyes with the perfect frame of silver curls finished the picture.
Who is this girl!? She's definitely a goddess from Mt. Olympus!!!
"Who is this ?"
"Pardon, My Lady ?" Said the confused maid. Seeing that I was looking into the mirror she proceeded to say,
"What are you saying My Lady? It is you in mirror. Lady Juliette Margarette Fitoria."
My eyes widened at the name.
Isn't that.......
Isnt that the name of the villain in the manga that I've been reading before I died!?


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