Finding Autumn Cross


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I always knew that I didn't truly know her. I mean, she looked like me. Hell, she lived my life, but when the name Autumn Cross came to me, I knew I had to find her, had to find me.

And so I ran away from the life of Ava.

I ran right into the arms of my fated mate.

And through him, I get to find Autumn Cross and why she had to be Ava to begin with.


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Ch 3 - Some Kind of Sense

I woke up with a stupid smile on my face – one that I wouldn’t even be able to explain the origin of. Once again, I was in my bed with no recollection of how I got there. I walked over to my window with hopes that the black wolf would be there.

And he was.

“Good morning Miss Autumn.”

He was gone before I could res……