Beautiful Mistake (Vol I)

Nitasha Romance

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Story of Hudhayfah and Hunza who got married in their childhood.

Meet Hunza:
Hunza Ameen got married to her father's best friend's Son Hudhayfah in childhood. They just a Nikkah ceremony and after that her-in-law went to live in London. She grow up while dreaming about her husband who never called her or evere to meet her. She even don't know how he look like. When her father died, she had no-one left except her grandmother who send her to found her husband and in- law.

Meet Hudhayfah:
Hudhayfah Hayat Usman is living in London and was taking care of business. He didn't even remember that he had got married in childhood and someone was waiting for him. He don't believe on love fantasy and stayed away from girls as much he can. He is happy with his life and is not ready for any changes . But how his world will change when out of blue someone will claimed to be his wife. He will not accepted her and decided to make her life hell.

With the time will he accept her? Will his thoughts on love will change? How Hunza will fight for her rights to get as a wife from him? Will she loss or win the battle? What happen when will Hudhayfah finds out about disease Hunza is suffering from?


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