Blue Iris

Gia Hunter Romance

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Iris Clayton, a vulnerable survivor has only one mission in her life—it’s to survive. While scavenging for food, she stumbles upon the group protected by the mysterious, badass and strikingly handsome Colt Snow. In the world that barely surviving after the spread of an unknown deadly virus, Colt doesn’t give a damn about her, but there’s something in the way he looks at her that tells the exact opposite.

Colt Snow nearly broke after failing to protect his brother. When a fragile woman asks for a place to stay, he can’t help but question her motive, and the last thing he should be doing is to get distracted by those unique blue irises, but every time he looks at her, he knows only one thing—to take the risk and protects her from whoever is haunter her.

“ I was wrong to think that there was no humanity left in this world anymore.”


Tags: PossessivePost-apocalypseBadboyKickass HeroinePoliceWarriorDarkDreame2019BxG
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MY HEART hammered in my chest a mile in a minute. I was a few yards away from running away to save them and at the same time a few yards closer. 

The car still parked at the same spot, patiently waiting for me.

“I mean it, Iris! Start walking back,” Lois said firmly.

My mind wanted to protest, but m……