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Mr. Billionaire's Missing Wife (SEXY CONTRACT #2)

TORIEASY Steamy Stories

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Gabriella might not be dead, what if she is coming back as the powerful woman we all wanted her to be? Can a totally good woman become the bad one? The once shy Submissive might become the Dom.

“Her finger and her eyes!” He exclaims and Beth looks at the patient’s now opened eyes.
The patient’s moves her clipped hand to take off the ‘wire’ as she had called it, draped beneath her nose.
“Don’t take it off please.” Beth says and the patient closes her eyes and open them again.
“My daughter.” She says and Beth holds her free hand softly.
“It is great to have you alive after a five years coma...


Tags: reincarnation/transmigationsecond chancedominantsubmissivepowerfultwistedbxg
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Long ago, sex was the most natural thing in the world. Sex, nudity, the passion of being with someone you care for was so overwhelming that it didn't matter who saw. Or who was apart of it. The greeks worshipped each other bodies like art and wine and sex was the natural response. 

But as times shifted and mortals began to feel more like A……