River & Christian: Amber Eyes Series 5


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This is book five of the Amber eyes series. The first book is called Claimed by the Alpha: Amber eyes Series One.
I recommend you read the first books if you haven't so you don’t feel lost.

-Christian POV-
I take a shower and as I relax on the warm water, I think of her and all that has happened to get us here.
I almost killed Sadie, I wanted to give in to Cyprian’s demand and kill her when we saw what she did to River. I have never once in my life been that angry. Even now that I almost have full control of my powers, I still almost lost control.

I calm myself and after the shower, I lie in bed still thinking but quickly fall asleep. In the morning, I wake up to the sun brightening up the room.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath feeling warm and comfortable.
‘I can smell her scent.’ I say to Cyprian.
‘Yea, I like her scent... but... isn't it very strong right now?’ He says.
I quickly open my eyes when I feel movement next to me and I am shocked when my face is met with blond hair.
River lies cuddled up next to me in bed.
I stare at her sleeping face for a few seconds.
‘She must have crawled in our bed in the middle of the night.’ I say.
I continue to just stare at her. ‘She is so cute.’ Cyprian says softly.
My hand automatically lifts up and I caress her soft cheek with my finger. My eyes then fall on her lips and the urge to kiss her is strong.
‘Maybe she won’t notice?’ Cyprian says encouraging me to do it.
‘... maybe.’ I say.
I slowly lean in and when my lips almost touch hers grazing her lips, her eyes open.


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