The Curse of the Golden Eyes


derosequartz Fantasy

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Chantia World #1

After turning 8, Callista started putting a thick wall between her and the people around her. Seeing the gross look given by the people was enough for her to stay at his Dad's kingdom. But her dad was persistent and told her to enter Lightres Academy. What will happen to her? What will happen to the owner of the golden eyes?


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"Stop using your power, kuya Xander!" I gave her a glare. "How can you possibly learn if I won't use my power? Dodge and show me your power, Ally." I saw how her eyes rolled and glared at me back.

"Hindi naman ako nagmamadali e! I'm just 17! Mommy and daddy already told me to wait." Umayos ako ng tayo at tinitigan siya ng blank……