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Little One Fantasy

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This is the prequel to the book Daddy’s Love. It starts around the time after Jay got Carol and she just starts to settle in her new family with her daddy Jay and Uncle Grey. She is happy and content being showered with all the love and attention from both the vampires. Also, it gives perspective to a lot of things that has happened in Daddy’s Love as it shows the dynamics the three of them shared before Grey got Ana and how Carol had to adjust to sharing the men in her life and their love and attention with Ana.


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Bonus Chapter 13- Finally family

I wake up and I am surprised to see Carol sleeping peacefully in my arms. Usually, she is up to one thing or another if she is awake and I am asleep and she tries to run at least three times before giving up and then she is mad at me for at least a couple of hours after. I get up carefully so as to not wake her up and lo and behold- Carol has pa……