The Silence of the Guilty

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She was a big city police officer and military combat expert in the CID. He was the chief criminal adviser of the FBI.
A bizarre case of dismemberment brought the two together.
A proud professor, an obsessive compulsive, a Virgo, and a young foodie. She took him out to eat in the city, and he took her out to share in their fascinating psyches.
What happens when a criminal investigator partners up with a psychologist?
When a mysterious murderer returns, what fate should befall them? Shush, be quiet. The game has begun.
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Tags: MurderDarkHEArrogantDominantPoliceBxG
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Ch.15: Night and Day

As Susan left the station, she saw that the sky had grown dark. She shuffled quickly to the bus stop, protecting her arm in her coat.

It wasn't long before the bus came. She got in and took out her bus card with her right hand. After a sound of a beep, she took it back.

There were a lot of other passengers there. Most of them were st……