The Billionaire Alpha & His Homeless Mate


Hannah Stimmel Romance

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Jozie found out one day after getting home from school that both of her parents had passed away. She has no clue how or why they passed away. Not being old enough to get a job, she ends up dropping out of school after becoming homeless. This had all happened at the young age of fourteen. These unfortunate events happened she was living in Los Angeles. Over time, she still is homeless as she keeps moving from place to place, including walking and hitchhiking as well where she ends up making her way to New York. Although she is unfortunately still homeless, she sings to make a little cash here and there to help with her daily needs.  On one cold mid-November day age the age of twenty-two where her life is officially changed forever.


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Chapter Twenty-Four

-----------Kaleb`s P.O.V-----------

I hate that I had to witness what I just did. After Dr. Samuel injected the vampires blood into Jozie at first nothing had happened. When all of the sudden she was screaming in pain and could not stop thrashing around. I had to hold her down so she would not injure herself. I really do wonder what this w……