The Monster's Addiction

Peaches Romance

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The powerful Boss of the Crime Family of Chicago, Viktor Romano, was as ruthless as a man could be.
On the other hand, Mia was brutally trapped into drug addiction, sold, raped and was beyond broken the day he found her.
She was the victim. But he wasn’t the hero.
Viktor rescued the Damsel in Distress just out of sheer pity. Or at least, that’s what he told himself.
Little did he knew that she was going to be his only ADDICTION.


Tags: ActionDarkPossessiveSexKidnapArrogantBadboyPowerfulMafiaTwisted
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21. Love Me like You Do


I looked at him, anticipating his next move, but all I got was a gentle glance.
Considering for a moment, he said, “Fine kitten, I will never force you. Never. Let me know whenever you’re ready. But I do want to see you – all of you.” His eyes raked over my breasts as he ran his knuckles gently over my nipples.

I was torn ……