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Jerusha E Romance

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What happens when Lana turns from unpopular to miss popular? Will Lana able to finally impress her childhood crush? Or is it just another dorky girl's story which will get into the wrong place. Hit 'read' to give it a chance!


Tags: BillionaireFamilyInternal JourneyHighschoolSadisticGentleCheerleaderHollywoodTwistedBi
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Girls day!

~Lana's POV~

It was 1pm and I was still in bed from all that happened last night got into me too much and so I didn't go to school and I did tell Chloe and she told me Lucas was a great guy, but something was wrong with the issue. Well, I didn't care anyway because that jerk could do with some messages and 'send' of course we were over and……