The Reality, Emily's Story (Paddock Passion Series Book 2)


JN Romance

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After the tragic events three years ago Emily finds herself having to cope on her own, everything she had lived for has now all but gone, apart from her friendship with her best friends Nathalie and her Husband Sabino and Brother Sam. Follow Emily as she struggles with life as a single parent, whilst haunted by the loss of her husband. Help is at hand, but can Emily find the strength to risk it all, let go of her past to move forward into a future with her best friends brother?


Tags: second chancebravesingle motherdramatragedyno-couplebikersmall townslow burnlonely
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Dedication and Thanks

I would like to dedicate the Paddock Passion series of books to the real sporting hero's.  From the many Motorbike championships and their heroic riders, to the many different motorcar championships, the stunt riders and drivers.  

 These brave men and woman place their own lives on the line for our entertainment, and a……