R.K. Knightly Romance

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(Book 3 of The Conquest Series--Book 1 is Impulse. Book 2 is Redemption)
Leila always craved her best friend's older brother--that was until he showed his true colors.
Nate's crush on his sister's BFF was forbidden when she was younger. He went off to college and then abroad to take care of the family business. After moving back to The States after a bad break-up, he is confronted what he always wanted but could never have--and he doesn't show his appreciation for her well.


Tags: ForbiddenLove-triangleSexOfficeOpposites AttractFriends to LoversPregnantArrogantBadgirlBxG
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51. You're Having My Baby

All eyes looked to Leila’s left ring finger. Then to Nate’s.

“We got married in Vegas,” Leila said quietly. She looked up at Nate, smiling slightly.

“She’s Mrs. Charles now,” Nate said with a grin. “And...” he looked down at Leila before going on. “We’re going to have a baby.”

Leila flinched slightly. Damn the man. This was Co……