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Her breath hitched when she saw him pull out a strip of cloth from his jean's pocket. It was black. It was ominous. It meant only one thing and that was to blindfold her.

Quickly, she shook her head. 'No... you can't do this!'

Nic gave out no reaction as he continued his way to her.

She attempted to sprint away from him, but he only captured her elbow in a vice-like grip. 'Don't struggle or you will only hurt yourself more,' he stated when he lifted the strip near her face.

Tears spilled from her eyes this time and no matter how much she willed herself to be strong, she pleaded, 'Please, don't do this.'

'I have no other choice,' was his quick reply.

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Cielle, after stopping by at her favorite fast-food chain, never expected her road trip would take a turn for the worse - her chicken buckets eaten by salivating mouths, her SUV carnapped and her safety threading on a thin line.

Thrown in between a helplessness of a boy and the sinister plans of criminals who had captured her, hope and salvation is yet to be seen.

But what if... just what if her heart itself became the traitor in the midst of all the drama? Like falling and aching for a certain mysterious man she is supposed to hate?

What will she do?

Genre: Mystery, Romance (Short Story/One-Shot)
Status: Completed

All Rights Reserved 2018
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Tags: ActionAssassinEspionageKidnappingSuspense
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A big explosion from outside Cielle's room woke her up in a gasp. It was four in the midnight that it happened. She was drowsy still, so all the while she thought it was just a dream. When another explosion came near her underground room however, she darted out of bed as quickly as she could.

No. No! What is happ……