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First and foremost, she is an independent woman from the 21st century who is known as a savvy yet ruthless businesswoman and one of the richest individuals in the world. Why on earth she suddenly transmigrated to God knows where she is? The only thing that she is thankful is that she has transmigrated into a body that 1/2 her age and a ravishing beauty too. The only downside is that the original owner of the body is one stupid girl. Too stupid that it nearly made her have a heart attack when she learned all about the original owner's mishaps and misfortunes caused by her very own silliness that the world is a beautiful place to live in. And for her to keep on waiting year by year for her fiancé to marry her is the ultimate stupidity of all time because that man decided to marry someone else as his crown princess and their engagement is nothing much than an empty promise.

As the original body owner has been reborn, she too transmigrated into the same body. Due to the meek nature of the original owner, she had taken over the body without a hitch.

This (old) woman (and, a little help from the original owner of the body) will make sure that the road of success will be paved by her own o hands in this ancient world where the sky is only the limit.


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Eldest Miss Shen Baiyu stares at the secret guard standing in front of her, Bai Hua is one of the 20 maidservants given to her by Crown Prince Beitang Moran after her engagement to Crown Prince Nangong Heshan has been annulled. What made she noticed this particular ‘maidservant’ is that she is actually a high-quality beauty despite her humble or……