Two men and the orange rose

Nikica.18 Romance

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Amalia, a simple girl who is happy with her life, until her boyfriend cheats on her. She commits suicide in an attempt to start a new life.
The same moment she wakes up as a 19-year-old girl who everybody calls Nicole.
After making new friends she decides to focus on her career, not her love life.
Until a smoking hot man enters her life, because of her close friend's vendetta and takes her on a date. The date went well until his ex-girlfriend shows up to claim his men.
Nicole stormes out of the restaurant angry, because she was disappointed about herself for going on a date with Jackson.
When she tried to cross the street she almost gets hit by a truck, but she was saved by a handsome stranger. She invites her saver Neil on a drink After a few drinks with the handsome Neil, they exchange a kiss.
What will happen when Nicole finds out that her saviour Neil is actually her exchange math teacher.
What will Jackson do to make her love him?
Will our heroine suppress her heart or will she listen to it?


Tags: love-triangletime-travelbody exchangeindependentbxgmysterycampuscityrealistic earthrebirth/rebornRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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