Fruitful Paranormal

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“I know what you are.”
Derya’s heart fell to the pit of her stomach as the words left his mouth.
“I know where you’re from.” He continued.
She could feel her palms dampen, and it felt like her knees would give in. If he was right, then she was going to be in big trouble – her entire kingdom included.

Derya Maris had been given detailed rules to live by, by her guardian since she began her life in a new world.
Number #1 and most important rule in the book was, ‘do not use your abilities NO MATTER WHAT.’
Following that rule had been easy until the night of a classmate’s birthday party on the beach – where she was torn between hiding her secret or saving a boy from drowning.

Even though it meant breaking a major rule, choosing to save the boy felt like the right thing to do; but what Derya didn’t know was that her quiet life was about to take a drastic turn. She and her kingdom now stood a chance of being exposed to the world – and that could mean an end to her and her kind.

A part of Nate Henson had always believed that mer-creatures existed in the world he lived in. It was vague in his memory, but he remembered an encounter with mystical sea creatures that resulted in the disappearance of his family when he was a child.
Now, his belief is incited when a girl from his class saves him from drowning at a beach party. Nate is convinced he saw a creature very similar to the ones he’d seen 14 years ago, and is intent on investigating his suspicion, no matter what it takes and no matter the implication.

Derya is bent on keeping her secret and her world hidden and she’d go to any length to achieve that. Nate is determined to expose and destroy the creatures who took his family.
As they further delve into their missions, secrets are revealed and strong unexpected emotions weaves its way into their resolved hearts. But will it be enough to make them end their quests? Or will the resolve to fulfil their mission remain, bringing ultimate destruction to both worlds?


Tags: revengebraveprincessmermaid/mermenbxgmysteryhighschoolanother worldenemies to loverssupernatural
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Last night was surreal; I still couldn’t believe I almost took my own life.

I shuddered at the thought because even though I had considered taking my life thousands of times when I was younger, I never got the courage to do it.

I didn’t even think I was going to come to that decision when I stayed back on the beach ……


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