The Cruel Prince's Captive

Lyrie Murdoch Fantasy

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Tolanda is a simple human peasant girl who finds herself gifted as a sex slave to the elven prince, Ievos, whose beauty is matched only by his cruelty. A handsome elven hunter has made it his mission to protect her, but he has limited power to do so. She then learns Prince Ievos is not just an elven prince but also a dragon prince and that her handsome hunter protector is his half-brother born of the same dragon father. Tolanda finds herself entangled in a world she had only ever dreamed of seeing, elven beauty and magic with dragon ferocity and passion. Tolanda finds herself in the middle of feuding brothers as they head on a journey to the Kingdom of Dragons where they learn a great war is brewing. As mighty kingdoms clash, whose side will she find herself on?


Tags: darklove-triangletragedybxgheavyslaverymagical worlddragonsvirginWriting AcademyWriting Academy
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