Nightmares’ Fairytale

Eleinad Aloirra YA&Teenfiction

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Since when we were child, life like fairytale became everyone’s dream. However fairytale only exists in children’s book.

Real life is full of struggles, pain, and darkness. Life is not all about fairytale, sometimes it can be nightmares.
Jhozelyn live her life filled with nightmares. In her own words “I am not living with nightmares beside me, I am living in it”

With many horrible things that happened to her she had no choice but to live with it. But what happens when she is not just simply living in it, what happens when she needs to go deeper, a place where horrible nightmares hides?. A place where there is no Prince Charming but a dark knight.

Would she simply woke up from it and go through her life like a coward or would she be brave enough to see what’s in the end of the nightmare and make a new start?


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