One Night With The Cruel Billionaire

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--Double Update--

After being framed by her father and step-sister, Heather was drugged and sent to bed with an "old and ugly" man. However, nine months later, she gave birth to a pair of beautiful, intelligent, and loving !

Heather was worried that her child will be snatched away by that "old and ugly man", so she changed her name and went into hiding with her babies. Unexpectedly, her babies brought her a man with a noble identity.

Heather was startled to see the man who looked exactly like her son, but before she could say anything, he grabbed her by the waist......

"You still want to escape, huh?"


Not long after Heather left Hollywood, she found out that she was pregnant. She wanted to go to the hospital for an abortion, but her body's condition couldn't allow it. The abortion would put her life at risk and there was a danger of excessive bleeding, and it might have caused her infertile.

After consideration, Heather decided to give birth. She was thankful that the o were healthy, intelligent, and sensible children that brought her a lot of happiness and joy.

Three years ago, Heather met her agent, Sarah Davis. To make more money to support her children, she decided to enter the entertainment industry.

Before they returned, Heather made all the preparation that necessary, including changing her name to Elizabeth Stewart.

Heather, a name that belonged in the past; now she wanted to forget it and start over.


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