Clueless Love

Amal Usman Romance

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"What he means is that I am moving in, whether you like it or not," Ismail says with the same nasty look

"I have never killed a human being, but if you wake up tomorrow and find your brother dead, don't be surprised. We all know we can't stand each other for a minute and you want us to live under the same roof"

This is a book about two people who dislike each other more than anything in the world. They rather be in the North Pole than been in the same room together. The dislike they had for each other was strong. But what happens when they find themselves sharing a roof. Do they tear each other part or learn to live together. Read to find out how these two people handle the situation of living together and face the obstacles they have in life


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I can’t believe today is the day, the day I have been waiting for, for the past month. Today is the day Ismail, and I get married, but technically, we are married in my tradition. Yesterday was our traditional marriage back home in Nigeria. We came back to Nigeria a month to the wedding. Our traditional wedding was so beautiful; I was so filled ……