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D&M's chief clothing designer, Steven, recruited models throughout the country for his new design, but he did not like their pair of legs.
Until he fell in the bathroom, he dreamed of a woman sitting in a bath.
He saw the woman’s slender legs draped over the edge of the bathtub, and even saw the woman’s ten toes rolled up playfully.
 It was not like a dream.
This pair of legs perfectly fit his aesthetic taste. But... whose legs were they?

Elena lost the game and was at the bottom of her life.
She blinked in the bathtub, dreamed of a man wrapped in a towel, slipped in the bathroom and slammed in a crash, inexplicably feeling hurt. The picture was real, not like a dream.
She opened her eyes, shyly covered her face, sank into the bubbles in the bathtub, and felt that she was silly. She had lost her game, now she also had a serious illusion.


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