Behind the Scenes of Cassandra

Cristine S. Romance

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Life’s full of ups and downs; one of the many cliches everyone knows. They say actresses and actors are good at hiding what they truly feel. Maybe half of it is true but not everything can be concealed by make ups and fake smiles.
I once fell in love and up to this day I don’t know if I fell in love with the right or the wrong person. I don’t know if he’s just one of those who will pass by my life as a lesson or as a reminder how cruel love can be.
But why continue to love when you know you’ll get hurt in the end? Why trust again when you know it can be broken any time; unintentionally or intentionally.
Why ask perfection from love? Love is never perfect. We are never perfect.


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Chapter 7


It’s been a year since Cathy died and it’s been almost a year since I transferred in Paris. I tried to protest but I can’t do anything about it. Right now I came to realize that coming here was the right thing.

I am on my second year in college taking theatre arts. I thought I was gonna be alone but A……