Forced Love

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I'm the new student and he's my new head teacher and we are sleeping together, Is it my fault or is it this a sexual nightmare or is there sexual attraction? She’s looking for a fresh new start but with an obsessed head teacher a new start isn’t always so simple. Confused with her own sexual emotions she’s battle between lust and hatred finding herself trapped in a series of endless sexual encounters or is it a hot and passionate new romance? Anything can happen when you’re fucking your teacher.

!. Sexual themes & Graphic description: Can You Handle It?
-- The Love Series: Sexual attraction and a bit more
---Check out: Twisted Love. Twin Love.


Tags: StalkerCampusDarkPossessiveSexForcedStudentDramaTwistedBxG
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Forced Love - Chapter 29

Crystal had ended her own life; she had enough of living because no matter what, she felt as if she would be constantly tormented by her head teacher. What started off as naïve and confused emotions turned into pure hatred and disgust. She detested him for what he had put her through. She hated how her life ……