Sylvia Adely Romance

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Hailey wanted to run away from her Ex-boyfriend William because she had found perfect love with Rafael but William was not going to throw away the seven years they had been dating just like that. William chased after Hailey despite her new status.
I stood there as If I had been bitten with a freeze bug when I got Will kissing another blondie in the dining. My heart throbbed in my chest and I was suddenly too weak even to put a step forward. My heart was crushed. I blew a few breaths and when anger surged through my system, I knew I was going to kill that b***h. I had not gone through up’s and downs with William for him to dump me like a piece of s**t.

“Who the hell is she?” They had not noted my presence till I yelled.

“Jenny, this is my house girl Haley. Hailey, meet my fiancée Jenifer!” Will had the audacity to call me a maid


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