The blood pack (Book five)


Vixen Fantasy

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Dawn is a member of the lead alphas pack. She has been tasked to work with
Nick on finding a way to infiltrate Tallen Corp to find out who is the mastermind behind the horrible website that has been set up showing supernatural creatures fight and kill each other. Dawn feels out of her depth, having always preferred to stay in the shadows behind her trusty computer monitors than be out in the field, but she knows that there is no other choice.

Trev feels like he has let everyone down with his lack of progress in tracing who has set up the website. Even after having the task taken off him by Alpha Ash to be run by the lead alphas pack, he cannot help but dig a little deeper in hopes of finding out where the money is coming from for the operation. When he finds out that a she wolf is going undercover, he begs to be a part of it, to show to himself more than anyone that he is still useful. But when he meets Dawn, his priorities change from finding out who the big bad is to making sure the perfect punky princess of the tech world can make it out of there alive.


Tags: sexshiftermatecounterattackdramabxggeniuswerewolvessupernature earthsupernatural
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Chapter thirty two


*six months later*


I smiled as the air filled with the giggles of the children as Sanna made the plants around us dance and sway to the sound to the music playing a short distance away. Niomi was sat on Luke’s knee with her daughter Launa on her knee, looking out at the other children playing in th……


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