Tell Me More Lies


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A friendship found amidst a tragedy, Sierra found a confidant in Julian and had been inseparable ever since. A shared trauma that brought them closer together, until another tore them apart. Buried deep within them rests a story that they never want to let out. So what do they do? They tell more lies.

I run and I don't look back, not unless I need to. I had a whole new life away from the shadows lurking beneath. But I cannot get rid of them. Not unless I face it. Being a high school senior does not exempt me from facing the law. But here's the thing, they haven't caught me yet. And the authorities have no clue who did it. Only me, the crickets, and Julian.

She was a liar who pierced a heel right through my heart when all I ever did was trusted her. Never again. She ruined my life right before she up and ran to another city. And she's going to know the hard way not to ever mess with me. If she ever goes back to Ridgewood Bay I will make sure she regrets ever crossing me. I don't care who she was to me, not anymore. All I want is to take back the time she stole. But she can't, so she'll have to settle on me having the upper hand. After all, it's a shame if someone told her secret.


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Chapter 58: Sierra

It has been an hour since I saw Julian but the party was still on full swing with the real alcohol having been served just a good thirty minutes ago. Almost every girl had taken off their dresses and heels leaving only their underwear on.

The party has gone from classy to rowdy.

True to her word, Ayla hadn't taken at least one si……