Before Divorce (MxM) √

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Leo Wilson was a 29-year old actor. He was low-key, respectable, and influential in the film industry – a true professional.

Henry Davis was a 23- year old celebrity. He was widely popular among fans for his looks, but ill-received within the entertainment circle for his mediocre acting and singing skills.

Leo and Henry are married, though in name only. The two have signed a three-year marriage contract as a publicity stunt, boosting both their careers as a result of their star couple status.

With Leo’s hectic filming schedule throughout the three years, the two did not even have the chance to develop a relationship. But a few months before their marriage contract came to an end, Henry made a proposal to Leo to be his booty call if Leo agreed to participate on a reality show with him called Hold My Hand…


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Chapter 18: In Pursuit

Sure enough, as he suspected…

Tyler did not know what was going on with Leo. He laughed a few times. “Why are you suddenly asking about this? It happened so long ago. What happened?”

The light turned green at last. Leo put on the speakerphone and told Tyler everything he knew.

Tyler was shocked, and lost he speech.