The Devil's Cure: Sinful Bliss

C.M. Celaje Vampire/Werewolf

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Sierra would do anything to protect her brother — even to win an underground race in his stead if it can pay off his debts to the mafia boss, Faust.

But Faust used this opportunity to trap her in a deal for her skills. His offer? Become his personal driver and racer in exchange for clearing up all their debts and saving her brother's life.

She only had to win him three races. It was simple — not until she started losing her self control to Faust’s sexual advances at the same time a ghost from her past came back to haunt her.


Tags: ArrogantManipulativeKickass HeroineMafiaBillionairessTwistedGirlpowerContestBxG
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Heads Or Tails

          The beginning of the short helicopter ride became too awkward for both Sierra and Faust. How can she enjoy it after he stole a kiss from her and she was left sulking about what she feels about it while he laid there in front of him comfortably. She chose not to speak or do anything after what he did. How c……