Speared by his Majesty's Trident

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Sky Alexander Thorns is a 19-year-old college student and a guardian of three kids. Raising them with all the love and support he could have, Sky still find it difficult to be in line with the heartless backstabbing shit called life. Money is the diesel that fuels everyones life in this world.

Being a single parent of his beloved sibling whom he had adopted as his own, Sky eventually fell down the pit of financial problems. How will he climb up again? How will he fight?


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Chapter 12

Poseidon Pov


“…so we need to cooperate with the other pantheon and notify Thanatos to prepare along with his Minions for they will be busy starting next month.” Zeus says earning a nod from everyone. Hades is shifting uncomfortably at his seat.


He really hates coming to Olympus for meetings like this……