Our Kind of Love


Lea Adams Romance

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R18+ (Mature Content)

Care-free, open-minded, bubbly, and sometimes an old soul, these describe Charlene’s personality. At enty-three, life is constant and fair until the night she decided to try something different.

A way out of the ordinary that will chase her heart and her future.

A notorious womanizer, Maximus’s reputation is uncanny. He would wine, dine, charm his women. Make them feel lovely and desirable, owning them to bed before leaving them broken and helpless.

Breaking women’s hearts is his forte, a fault that will hunt his present and happiness.

Their past brought them together. Their future tested them apart.

Hatred, envy, greed, and deceits will challenge the life they are building together.

Will the osome survive the ups and downs of their own kind of love?


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Chapter 68- Blunt words

    The smell of coffee aroma slowly stirred Charlene from her deep slumber. Scrunching her nose, little by little, she opened her eyes only to be greeted with glowing hazel eyes, looking intently at her in a slightly dimmed room.

    She was lying on her side as she faced him. He was sitting comfor……