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Vampire Whore Vampire/Werewolf

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Raven and Alexander's Wedding day is fast approaching and things are changing, But when the Vampire killer decides to up their game and start hitting close to home, The family has to pull rank to keep each other safe. Is it going to be enough?

When there is a terrifying incident, Alex and Raven have to cut their Honeymoon short and come home to find someone close to them has been taken... Will they get them back safe and sound, Or will innocence become the next victim?

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Tags: MurderRevengeVampireDarkSexKidnapFamilyDominantBitchDrama
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''Lilith Marie, Where are you?'' Crap! Tidying up the kitchen quickly, I hurried out the room and headed down to the library. ''Lilith!?'' Yeah, OK, Bloody hold on! Of course, I knew better than to actually say that to the Master, But Lord, he was impatient. When I reached my destination, I walked in and closed the door behind me. 

''I am ……