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She Wanted Thousands of Followers. Now There Is One She Can Never Shake Off.

Antonioni’s "Blow Up" meets It Follows in this selfie obsessed young adult story.

When a sheltered teenager starts noticing a hazy face following her in her photographs, she beg to investigate an urban legend. But will she uncover the truth when she gets in trouble with a technology corporation, when an enigmatic hacker starts telling her conspiracy theories and when the hazy face becomes all too real and starts chasing her non-stop?

From Retrofuturism: "Erinyes mixes the selfie generation with sci-fi elements to uncover a conspiracy."

From ScifiSelect: "A new kind of nightmare to haunt your restless nights…"

Do you want to know what’s next for the inexperienced self-adoring Mahi? Do you wanna meet the Erinyes? Then read this unique young adult horror story that toys with the very concept of narcissism.


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