Their Unexpected Fate (BOOK 3 of His Unexpected Mate)


JAMA Fantasy

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Being powerful comes with a price and a duty to accomplish, just like the destiny given to Bayron and Amelia by the Moon Goddess. The twins are born to fulfill the prophecy, and their existence will make a massive impact in the supernatural world. However, some people around them will do everything to stop the prophecy from happening, and some will do everything to protect them.

Since the Alpha King learns about the children of the Crescent Moons, he asked Dylan and Cailean, the twins' parents, to let their daughter marry his son Logan, and in return, he will protect the children from the Queen of Dark Witches and so as the whole Triton Moon Pack.
Both parties agreed. The twins were born. Everything is going well until a mysterious woman appears in their lives that lead to THEIR UNEXPECTED FATE.


Tags: darkfatedmatepowerfultwistedbxgwerewolvespackroyalsupernaturalRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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    It's bright. It's very bright. Since I open my eyes, all I can see is white. "Where am I?" I say aloud.

    "You are in a place where you can have a second chance." My upper body catapulted into a sitting position, hearing an enchanted voice answer me.



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