Vampire and Wolf Kings For Mate


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Werewolf and vampire union was forbidden. Wars broke out every now and then between the communities. Thousands lost their lives from both the sides. The target was complete dominance. Centuries later, the royals from both the sides wanted peace, because they had enough of losing their comrades. Meeting was scheduled and discussions carried out. However, fate had another plan.

Selena Geller is an ill treated omega belonging to the Night Moon pack. Just like any other omega, she was considered as the lowest of the lowest ranked werewolf. Clean, cook, wash, repeat was her daily routine. Everything changed when she met her supposed mate, when the Red Moon pack members planned to visit her pack.

Alpha Robin Blackwell is the leader to the Red Moon pack. He was known for his ruthlessness and arrogant fighting skills. He had never experienced defeat in his life and this made the alpha of the Night Moon pack to form an alliance with him. He accepted the invitation with the idea of forming an alliance, but little did he know that his life will change that day.

King Maxwell Damien had a prophecy when he was a little child. The destiny was to meet his mate and conquer the world, but there was a twist. Her past would make him do things and make choices that would bring about a revolution in the world.


Selena is the forgotten child. However, everything changes on that fateful day. What changes in her life? Who is she? Why did she live without a wolf for 18 years? What is her story?


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Gerard didn’t do anything to hide what he was doing. He walked towards a rack of books and pulled the third book from the left. We heard a screeching sound and I and Kade became alert at this. He just stood at the ground and we saw the shelf moving aside revealing a huge portrait ducked inside a maroon silk ……