Billionaire’s Desperate Desire


Vasanthi Romance

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Mike got angry and he forcefully dragged her to vip suite and pressed her body in bed and he started unbutton her blouse and removed her skirt within a minute they both are n**d and Mike kissed her passionately, at first Vicki resisted but later she endure his sweet t*****e and they made love.
Night was shining with stares and full moon, after their four years of separation they were reluctant to obey their love for each other they were proud once about their emotions but their touch doesn't agree for that. Their bodies were melted and Mike took her again and again, they lost count how many times they made love.

Mike Stone is a famous billionaire in London, and he loves and adores Victoria Williams who is from a aristocrats family..

Their childhood friendship has become a teenage crush and later their crush becomes love and leads to a marriage. Their love journey once was sweet and hot but later it leads to divorce..
An incident changed their life and they both went on roller coaster of emotions.
Read and find out their romance and why they are going to apart? will it happen?


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46. I am I Burden To Him

Finally Antony prepared the fake pictures of Mike & Lily at one of the conference meet. It looked like they were openly kissing and hugging each other. Antony smiled at his victory.

He went to Vicki’s cabin, where Vicki is busy with files and Mari preparing the next month schedule for meetings.There Antony stood for minute then he cal……