Dani Ferrer Romance

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Olivia grew up in the quaint little town of Chester with her grandmother. And in the twenty-five years of her existence, never has she once met her father, who left her in her grandmother's care when her mother died of internal bleeding giving birth to her.

Then, out of nowhere, a man knocking on their doorstep was claiming to be her betroth.

Now, her quiet life turns upside down as she discovers not only her father's identity, but also her's. In a blink of an eye, Olivia becomes the only heiress apparent to the title Duchess of Montrose.


Tags: CountrysideRegencyFriends to LoversArranged MarriageGentleSensitiveMillionaireHeiressSweetBxG
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"Mama! Mama!" Called two five-year olds racing to get to their mother. "Mama!" 

The children burst to their study with gifts on each hands. "I see you two woke up early for Christmas..." Said Olivia. "You're not usually up till after breakfast." 

"Grandpa sent us presents!" The little girl said with extreme delight. 

"And there……